1 Flomio

Flomio, a Techstars Cloud 2012 company, enables new conversations and connections between people, merchants, and brands. Our experience engine responds to NFC and RFID, delivering personalized content in friction-free fashion.

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We’re making it happen at the baddest co-working space in Miami, The LAB.  Come by and say hi!

Flomio, Inc.
c/o The LAB Miami
400 NW 26th Street,
Miami, FL 33127
Tel: 954-553-6227
Email: info at flomio dot com

2 The Flomies

Flomio is a crack team of disruptive developers, creatives, and NFC visionaries hellbent on changing the way we interact with the world around us.

Richard Grundy

Richard has over 12 years of embedded systems experience at Motorola R&D.

3 Friends of the Flomies

We couldn’t do this alone, so we’ve enlisted the help of the best in the business.

John Bullard

John spent two years as a program manager on the Office 365 team at Microsoft.

Tim Ronan

Tim is a journeyman experiential designer / creative army knife with iconic contemporary cultural contributions like the Volkswagen Fast, The Creek South Beach Art Hotel, and Rawkus Records under his belt.

Fernando Cejas

Fernando created one of the most popular NFC applications – NFC Quick Actions for Android. He’s a long time Android developer and has worked at multiple startups.