1 Download NFC Actions

Use your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or FloBle Plus to read NFC tags. With the FloBle Plus, you can write to tags too!














2 Launch a URL with a tap

Write a URL to a tag and automatically launch that website when tapped.















3 Trigger IFTTT events

Every time you tap, you can trigger a IFTTT event. Use this to log Time and Attendance for your employees.
See how at https://docs.flomio.com/#nfc-actions-amp-ifttt













4 Automatically call, SMS or Email with a tap

Another handy feature of the app gives you the opportunity to automatically compose a sms/email or call a friend with a tap of tag. Simple present the tag and automate the action.













5 Get it!

Download NFC Actions now and see what you can do with NFC. Automate your daily routine or prototype your NFC start-up without needing to develop an app!

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